She was born in the year of 1010 the first of October. She lives 1010 years and her new physical self took over in the year 2021 and ushered in the age of true exploration.
Historical Records Terra"The world is ready to know who its masters are Yefih. we must retrieve her and set her as ceremonial head to receive and distribute knowledge as necessary"
From our position inside the moon we had a very detailed view of everything that happened on Terra. There were currently three world wars. Greed and corruption ran rampant amongst world leaders who's powers had grown immensely from the rise in advanced technology and the global acceptance of renewable power and efficient resource management. They'd learned how to preserve the planet and were now turning their destructive rage and ambition on each other. "Orcas we are not letting in an age of peace but immense pain. What they are going through now is but sibling rivalry. I don't want to hurt them this way. I don't want them to grow up. They are but children. Look how innocently they rage at each other without any foresight?" I thought about those wars. They no longer required bombs and explosions, but used biological warfare that reduced the global population rapidly. They had to go through growing pains to know that this extra energy should be turned outward in full force and not at each other. "If we reveal her to them, we also essentially remove most of our protection. It will expose them to everyone else. I don't think they're ready. I'm not ready."
I was heartbroken. Arcah said it was my treasured characteristic that he instilled in them. The key to their eternal ambition. How they fear a metaphorical break that can alter their very state of being. Its not love that is powerful but the fear of falling out of it that moves galaxies. "Yefih, we must act now." I heard Orcas's words and I knew he was right. If they went on like this unchecked by overwhelming danger they would go extinct in record time and become the laughing stock of the Unyverse. I would lose all reputation. I would lose everything I'd strived for. I would lose them. I felt a sharp pain in my abdomen. I halted my pacing in front of the viewer that showed us a beautiful expanse of mountain range somewhere in Asia. I sat down on the closest available couch. Was my pain pointing the way to redemption? I turned to look at Orcas who sat behind the desk in the middle of the room. He was writing away on the light pads. Always taking notes. Always recording. I looked at him affectionately and smiled.
I must unleash her I thought to myself. She would release the seal that had been placed on them to keep them hidden from most of the Unyverse. Arcah had done something he shouldn't, and they were overpowered from the beginning. Now, I must show them HerH, so they can prepare for what's to come. "Find her Orcas" I ordered. "Tell the Councyl that Terra has grown up and is ready to undergo trial to adulthood." I sat very still, as I saw Orcas immediately move into action. He exited the room and I breathed, not realizing that I was holding my breath.
(The tornado was in the middle of the pacific. Only dolphins saw. They understood and swam back home to tell of the omen. HerH was being revealed to the world. The time to prepare has come.)

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