The Process

Short fountains of memory

Are buried somewhere

They cannot be unearthed

Lest the one who buried it

Dug it up.

Short moments of creative splendor

Line the walls of her mind

She’s ready to release them to paper

Goodbye my creations

And back to the grind

She’s calling forth strength

She knows it resides here inside


You rob days from me

Moments of time

Where you invade my head

And my heart aches for us.

I’m caught in a moment of pure emotion

And my chest constricts

It knows that my pain

Is real.

You rob life and energy from me

As I struggle to let you go

As I fight to stand on these

Newly found feet.


I am obsessed with peace. Yet I release chaos, in my words and my writing. I expel from within negativity that I myself piled up high. I piled it up in storage as the familiar. What am I to do with happiness, contentment the peace that I so desire?

I am not obsessed with peace, I’m obsessed with finding what is me, what is mine and sticking to it. Not like a feather of an artist, drawn to inspiration and impulsive waves of creativity.

I often write poems about how I feel. The frustration and pain of love lost and found. My longings and desires I cannot hold on to inside and refuse to share with others so I have to write it down. I try to write of important things like self love, and acceptance and going after ones dreams. Yet its the craving and aching in my heart that gets printed.

My stories reveal my passion for the unknown world of science fiction that involves erotica and logical horror.

Logical horror….I swear its real.

I’m back on the ride of my life aka my writing career. Partake in contributing to my awesome talent and career by purchasing my journal Inspire which you can find on Amazon Here.

My first poetry book will be published soon. A collection of poems on love and heartbreak to pick you right up.


So Easy

If giving up were a choice

I’d have long ago chosen

But within me lies cause

Without an ounce of reason.

And if not walking was easy

I’d lay the rest of my days

And see nothing but contentment

In all of my ways.

If speaking my heart could cease as my truth

I know I’d smile the whole way through

Never a tear would moist my cheeks

Happy in ignorant bliss.


Pastel Skies to a Broken mind

Colors let them blend

Sweet numbness to an overwhelmed heart

Let her shout, let her shout.

Fishes swim amid the clouds

I wouldn’t lie about such a dream

From thunder to thunder they jumped

Creating lightening

Meadows as I lay down my head

Her bosom unavailable

In the driveway his car’s tread

Together again my forbidden one

Of isolation, the lonely hermit

Its just pastel skies to a broken mind

Colors are not always our friend

In the darkness of eyelids we feel safe

And clouds shine constantly in my face.

Dear Lover

Sweet mister, sweet one.

Okay before you think I’ve said all I can

Implore me, my heart

There’s more still to come.

I know if I try I can still indulge you

In more than my touch or my body

I know my soul can capture yours

Give me the chance to chase it down

I know if we stay true to what we feel

Forget conflict and crisis and keep it real

Don’t ever stop being my lone desire

My pleasure wave, my adventure, my fun

I know now that I’ve grown so much

If I stay true to me I’ll always be true to you

See that sunset we know it’ll be here tomorrow

Dear lover

Stay close,

I’ll hold you till forever ago.

Brightest Star

Brightest star

I have finally come to the realization

Let clarity shine through

This newly opened eye

Silently I watch and wait

I listen to the voices in the ether

And pain pounds me into sharp intuition

Brightest star

Let my talent claim and consume me

This spell I release and set free

I give in finally to the knowledge

Of me

Brightest star

Cosmic light

Universal consciousness

One true God

I release every bad detour

Because we know that destiny cannot be forestalled

So let time play its game

And let us perceive in every dimension

Our brightest star