Love Letter #6


My tall dark chocolate drink. My ink sin, my king. Let me roll within your everything. Every day it changes, but the desire to have you never does. And let me deny to say I love you, I love you. How fleeting a phrase. It means nothing to say it but yet I want to shout it out. Why does love want us to hide and yet bare our face to the winds of fate?  

Love’s Fool is Live!!!!

To everyone who is dealing with this worldwide pandemic, I hope that you are safe and well, and if you are not, all I can do is send virtual hugs and pray for your comfort and healing.

Today though auspicious around the world is a good day for me. My second book, first poetry book; Love’s Fool is now live on

You can purchase it here!!!

My ever clever summary on my book :

“20 Poems on Love Longing and Heartbreak. A collection of poems that portrays the journey of a short lived relationship through the eyes of one who is hurting at its loss. Read as the author navigates their feelings, and struggles to let go and come to terms with what has happened. Can you relate with the emotions hidden within these pages?”

I enjoyed reading every one of those poems. I am my biggest fan. I write to entertain myself most of the time. I do not have a significant other or friend that I write for; its all for me, so I often go back and read what I’ve written. Sometimes blown away by what I discover. Its how I allow belief in myself, which I struggle with most times.

I have never, before this blog, let myself be so open, so vulnerable. The one time that I did, I got my heart broken and this book came forth.


P.S: a wonderful review and rating would also be greatly appreciated. I shall celebrate my first with wine.

How’s it doing in your neck of the Woods.

Hiya peeps! Long time yeah?

So in light of current events I have come to the conclusion that extroverts need to adopt at least one introvert to learn the art of staying at home. Of course this is after all this crazy is over.

Honestly, how are you guys? What’s happening where you are?

I’m in the Caribbean and so far my island has not been hit hard but that’s only as of today. We don’t know what tomorrow holds. I am hoping continually for the best, staying indoors and trying to remain calm and to keep my family calm.

During this time of isolation which honestly has always been my daily life especially since I started writing full time; I have been busy working on my second book; Love’s Fool: 20 Poems on Love Longing and Heartbreak. Lots of the material is taken from this blog. Over the past year I’ve poured my heart out in my writing so much more than I did before and I felt the need to collect some of those which had the most impact on me and share it as a journey.

I took a stance with myself and decided to bare it and be vulnerable. As a writer its a trait I’m sure will be important to my career. The book is currently up for review to be approved for pre-order. It will then be released shortly after.

I’m so grateful to every visitor, follower, subscriber, friend and fellow writer. You all inspire me to put myself out there.

Inspire is still available on Amazon here

The Process

Short fountains of memory

Are buried somewhere

They cannot be unearthed

Lest the one who buried it

Dug it up.

Short moments of creative splendor

Line the walls of her mind

She’s ready to release them to paper

Goodbye my creations

And back to the grind

She’s calling forth strength

She knows it resides here inside


You rob days from me

Moments of time

Where you invade my head

And my heart aches for us.

I’m caught in a moment of pure emotion

And my chest constricts

It knows that my pain

Is real.

You rob life and energy from me

As I struggle to let you go

As I fight to stand on these

Newly found feet.